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Year 1st Author Title Type
2017 Aikins
Seeded and Natural Orographic Wintertime Clouds: The Idaho Experiment (SNOWIE) poster
2017 Anderson
High-intensity rain storm connects hillslopes to channels in a steep semi-arid catchment poster
2017 Barnhart
Disentangling the importance of snowmelt rate, timing, and amount on runoff production talk
2017 Baron
Scaling nitrogen effects and management issues from small watersheds to the globe: towards an international nitrogen management system talk
2017 Belanger
Engineering and the Environment: Informing and Influencing Policies and Projects talk
2017 Bergstrom
Annual and interannual variability of albedo on glaciers and ice-covered lakes of the Taylor Valley, Antarctica poster
2017 Bertholet
Snow Bedform Growth as a Function of Wind Speed and Snow Age poster
2017 Birch
Land use effects on major ion biogeochemistry and hydrologic flowpaths in the Panama Canal Watershed poster
2017 Bowman
Linking soil organic matter composition to physical and geochemical properties in soil; Understanding implications for organic matter transport poster
2017 Brown
The Influence of Wastewater Injection Wells on Induced Seismicity in the Denver Basin Combined Disposal Zone, Weld County, Northeast Colorado talk
2017 Bush
Assessing the impact of land-use on runoff generation within the Panama Canal Watershed poster
2017 Carbone
Generating a global soil evaporation dataset using SMAP soil moisture data and the surface water balance talk
2017 Carroll
Dynamics of solute transport and rare earth element response in acid mine drainage impacted alpine rivers. talk
2017 Castendyk
Aerial Drones Used to Sample Pit Water Reduce Monitoring Costs and Improve Safety talk
2017 Castle
The Colorado River - Where Scarcity Sparks Collaboration talk
2017 Cawley
The National Ecological Observatory Network Aquatic Sampling: Dissolved Gas Concentrations, Stratification Conditions in Lakes, and Reaeration Rates in Streams talk
2017 Cody
Institutional Adaptation, User-Governed Irrigation Systems, and Climate Change: San Luis Valley of Colorado poster
2017 Eklund
Implementing Colorado's Water Plan talk
2017 Estep
Comparison of water markets in multiple countries and the potential for multi-objective optimization in the Chilean Elqui Valley talk
2017 Evans
Potential shifts in the seasonality of groundwater discharge as snowmelt-dominated watersheds warm talk
2017 Greene
Remediation of Uranium-Contaminated Groundwater using Engineered Injection and Extraction talk
2017 Harmon
Connecting Evapotranspiration and Groundwater Fluxes in the Critical Zone poster
2017 Heldmyer
Simulation of current and projected montane snowpacks for the preservation of the wolverine in the western U.S. poster
2017 Jennings
Cold content and snowmelt dynamics in the alpine and subalpine, Niwot Ridge, Colorado, USA talk
2017 Kasprzyk
Improving the holistic calibration of simulated hydrologic processes using multiple objectives talk
2017 Kremen
Groundwater use optimization in the Ogallala Aquifer Region to sustain food production systems, rural communities and ecosystem services: Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture Project overview talk
2017 Lackey
Surface Casing Pressure as an Indicator of Well Integrity Loss and Stray Gas Migration in the Wattenberg Field, Colorado talk
2017 Larsen
Unraveling complexity from two directions: Hydroecological systems seen through the lenses of modeling and data talk
2017 Lauria
How do stable carbon isotope values of vegetation and bulk soil organic matter record drought conditions in the shortgrass prairie ecosystem of southwestern Kansas, USA? poster
2017 Olivier
The Effects of Climate Change on an Alpine Lake System: A Mesocosm Experiment poster
2017 Rajaram
A reflection on the first 50 years of Water Resources Research talk
2017 Raleigh
What is the dominant source of uncertainty when mapping basin-wide SWE with airborne Lidar and a snow model? talk
2017 Reising
A mechanistic approach to designing active spreading injection and extraction sequences for in situ remediation of contaminated groundwater talk
2017 Rush
Modeling the surface energy balance on montane hill slopes talk
2017 Sayedi
Impact of Climate Change and Land Use on Hydrological Ecosystem Services in the Zayanderood Watershed in Iran poster
2017 Singley
Characterizing the role of hyporheic exchange processes in transient electrical conductivity-discharge relationships over multiple timescales talk
2017 Smith
Connecting water managers, Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms, and Multivariate Regression Trees to support water utility planning on the Front Range talk
2017 Strack
Application of Elementary Solutions in Groundwater Modeling talk
2017 Torrens
Temporal Signatures of Hyporheic Exchange and Stream Metabolism in Glacial Meltwater Streams, Antarctica poster
2017 Tyree
Improving diatom enumeration methods for use in predictive bioassessment models poster
2017 Udall
The Collision of 19th Century Water Law, 20th Century Water Infrastructure and 21st Century Climate Change: Navigating the New Realities talk
2017 Vernon
Multi-objective optimization using water treatment plant simulation model for wildfire conditions poster
2017 Webb
Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Assess the Variability of Snow Water Equivalent and Melt in a Mixed Canopy Forest, Northern Colorado talk
2017 Wilson
Increased stream temperature in response to extreme precipitation events poster
2017 Zhang
Streamflow simulations under future climate scenarios in the Boulder Creek Watershed, Colorado talk
2016 Barnard
Transpiration phenology along an elevational gradient in montane coniferous forests talk
2016 Barnard
Examining Diel Patterns of Soil and Xylem Moisture Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging talk
2016 Barnhart
Streamflow Sensitivity to Changes in Snowpack Across Trans-Basin Diversions poster
2016 Barrett
How much water do glaciers and snow cover contribute to runoff from High Mountain Asia talk
2016 Beutler
Insights on Snow Measurement Technique and Site Area Representation at Niwot Ridge from the 2016 Snow Hydrology Internship poster
2016 Cawley
Characterization and spatial distribution of particulate and soluble carbon and nitrogen from wildfire impacted sediments talk
2016 Clarkin
Exploring the effects of constraints on multiobjective evolutionary algorithm optimization efficiency and effectiveness in water resources talk
2016 Cohen
A Sensor Driven Transformation in the Hydrologic Sciences: How New Tools are Enabling New Insights in Catchment and River Processes talk
2016 Dai
L-band Soil Moisture Mapping Using Small UnManned Aerial System poster
2016 Dailey
Groundwater’s role in mitigating mountain water resource impacts from a changing climate: Geochemical insights from a subalpine, headwater catchment, Colorado, USA talk
2016 Darling
Temperature Effects On The Growth Rates Of Diatoms From Streams In The McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica poster
2016 Dilling
Western Water Assessment: Innovative Research in Partnership with Decision Makers poster
2016 East
River response to dam removal: a synthesis perspective talk
2016 Evans
Effects of warming on groundwater flow in mountainous snowmelt-dominated catchments poster
2016 Gray
Modeling and observations of luminescence in river sediment from the US Mid-Atlantic Region: implications for obtaining sediment transport information poster
2016 Henning
Dynamic response of watershed subsurface systems to extreme precipitation events – Implications for the 2013 Colorado Front Range Floods poster
2016 Hill
Capturing hydrologic regime changes over regional scales: Lagrangian sampling and rapid hydro assessment methodologies poster
2016 Kasprzyk
Many objective decision support for water and environmental problems under deep uncertainty talk
2016 Khan
Dissolved black carbon in Antarctic lakes: chemical signatures of past and present sources. talk
2016 Painter
Entering a New Era of Water Science and Management: The Maturation of Snow Remote Sensing talk
2016 Raleigh
Vulnerability of an operational snowmelt model to unusual snow conditions and melt drivers talk
2016 Rue
Chemostatic Cradle to Grave: Dissolved Organic Matter and the Biogeochemical Impacts of the 2013 Boulder Flood talk
2016 Runkel
Acid Mine Drainage In Colorado: A Wicked Problem With No End In Sight talk
2016 Schutte
Geomorphic Response of Fall River to the 2013 Flood talk
2016 Shellito
Evaluation of SMAP soil moisture drying rates talk
2016 Shobe
Big blocks and river incision: A numerical modeling perspective poster
2016 Stewart
A physically based modeling framework for analyzing the effects of climate change and land-cover disturbance on suspended sediment transport in the Colorado Front Range poster
2016 Szutu
Linking sap flow and stable isotope techniques to understand transpiration dynamics in a semiarid shrubland talk
2016 Williams
Data Analysis Methods for Measuring Impact of a Conservation-Focused Residential Irrigation Inspection Program poster
2016 Winchell
Early snowmelt decreases ablation period carbon uptake in a high elevation, subalpine forest, Niwot Ridge, Colorado, USA poster
2016 Wlostowski
Continuous modeling of hyporheic exchange explains chemostasis in glacial meltwater streams, Antarctica talk
2015 Barnhart
Sensitivity of Hydrologic Partitioning to Snowpack Dynamics talk
2015 Bracken
A Spatial Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Approach for Precipitation Extremes talk
2015 Cody
Explaining Variability in Performance and Collective Action in Self-Governed Irrigation Systems Under Climate Change: The Case of the San Luis Valley of Colorado talk
2015 Dai
2015 Doherty
New approaches for protecting the water-dependent natural environment in Boulder Valley talk
2015 Ebert
Evolution of Dissolved Organic Matter under a Perennially Ice Covered Lake, Antarctica poster
2015 Evans
Characterization of Groundwater Storage in the Heihe Headwater Watershed, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China poster
2015 Fahlund
Why Isn't Water Considered Valuable? talk
2015 Famiglietti
How the West was Lost talk
2015 Figueroa
Water for a Brave New World: Commonsense Solutions for the Front Range of Colorado talk
2015 Ghandehari
Density-Based Stream Network Extraction from Digital Elevation Models poster
2015 Hickman
Water Resource Engineering in Colorado talk
2015 Hickman
Water Resource Engineering in Colorado: evolution of a complex South Platte operations and planning model talk
2015 Hill
Characterizing the role and controls of snowmelt in alpine groundwater recharge poster
2015 Houle
Inter-Model Diagnostics for Two Snow Models Across Multiple Western U.S. Locations and Implications for Management talk
2015 Jones
Examination of storm cycles in a Rocky Mountain subalpine snowpack using δ18O analysis and seasonal snow pit data poster
2015 Khan
Biogeochemical Cycling of Black Carbon in the Taylor Valley of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica talk
2015 Livneh
Establishing Proximal Causes of Soil Moisture Deficits Accompanying Great Plains Drought Development. talk
2015 McKay
The Effect of Temperature on the Quantum Yield of Photochemical Hydroxyl Radical Production from Dissolved Organic Matter talk
2015 Miller
Water/rock reactions in Oman hyperalkaline aquifers and implications for microbial habitability talk
2015 Mostafa
Photochemical inactivation of E. faecalis in the presence of organic matter poster
2015 Neupauer
Effects of Time-varying Streambed Hydraulic Properties on Stream Depletion talk
2015 Piscopo
Optimization of active spreading strategies to remediate contaminated groundwater during in situ chemical oxidation talk
2015 Raleigh
Which forcing data errors matter most when modeling seasonal snowpack? poster
2015 Rittger
Determining snow and ice melt contributions using MODIS and a temperature index melt model in the Hunza River basin talk
2015 Rosen
Developing and deploying a dynamically updated source water assessment and response tool talk
2015 Schneider
Establishing transferable sub-pixel relationships for estimating snow depth from remotely-sensed snow covered area and a DEM talk
2015 Shellito
Soil hydraulic properties modeled from meter to kilometer scales based on in situ and SMOS soil moisture data poster
2015 Shoaei
2015 Small
Monitoring the Terrestrial Water Cycle with Reflected GPS Signals talk
2015 Sommers
Inside the Ice: Insights from Thermo-Mechanically Coupled Modeling of High-Elevation Regions of the Greenland Ice Sheet talk
2015 Summers
U.S. EPA STAR National Center for Innovation in Small Drinking Water Systems: talk
2015 Szafranski
Simulation of daily flow data using a stochastic nonparametric model (k-nearest neighbor) poster
2015 Thompson
Streams, soils, strategies and (stressed out?) survivors - Ecohydrology in seasonally dry climates talk
2015 Tomkinson
The Center for Water, Earth Science and Technology (CWEST) talk
2015 Watson
Incorporating Deeply Uncertain Factors into the Many Objective Search Process: Improving Adaptation to Environmental Change talk
2015 Weingarten
High-rate injection is associated with the increase in U.S. mid-continent seismicity poster
2015 Wilson
Age and Origin of Waters: What hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in a glacierized catchment can tell us poster
2015 Wohl
The Brief, Tumultuous Life of Logjams in Rocky Mountain National Park talk
2015 Yates
An Approach for Assessing the Drought-Resilience of Colorado?s Transbasin Water Diversions talk
2015 Zhang
Hydrologic simulations in two subcatchments of the Boulder Creek Watershed poster
2014 Adams
Linking Topography, Hydrology, Climate, and Ecology in Semiarid Forests: Within Catchment Annual Tree Growth and Water Use Efficiency talk
2014 Bales
Mountain hydrology, forest management and water security in the Sierra Nevada talk
2014 Berryman
Terrain modulates hydrological couplings with soil respiration within the Boulder Creek drainage talk
2014 Bracken
Seasonal Variability of Western US Extreme Precipitation talk
2014 Brakenridge
Satellite Measurements of River Discharge and Runoff talk
2014 Brandes
Evaluating the effects of precipitation and wind speed on snow water equivalence along an elevation gradient using 30 years of LTER snow-pit data poster
2014 Burns
Variability of hillslope dissolved organic matter transport and transformation in a semi-arid catchment talk
2014 Castellani
Comparing the Annual Pattern of Snowfall and Accumulation at Summit, Greenland poster
2014 Chew
Surface soil moisture estimations using GPS-Interferometric Reflectometry: error sources and sensing limits poster
2014 Clark
Science to support water resource planning and management: Understanding sensitivity to climate change and improving hydroclimatic monitoring and prediction products talk
2014 Cody
Emergence of Collective Action in a Groundwater Commons: Irrigators in the San Luis Valley of Colorado talk
2014 Colby
“Drought-Proofing” Regional Water Supplies - How Effective Can We Be? talk
2014 Crisp
Quantifying long-term geomorphological change in Dry Valley streams: integrating survey data with subsequent LiDAR surveys poster
2014 Gabor
More than just the sum of the catchment: In-stream processing of water-soluble soil organic matter poster
2014 Gasiewski
L-band Soil Moisture Mapping using UAS for Validation and Calibration of SMAP talk
2014 Gordon
Making Science Relevant: How Hydroclimate Research Gets Integrated Into Decision Making talk
2014 Graham
The Role of Dissolved Organic Matter in Mercury Methylation in the Duluth-Superior Port talk
2014 Harpold
Evaluating The Importance of Snowmelt Infiltration to Soil Water Availability Across Western U.S. Mountain Ecosystems talk
2014 Hohner
Assessing wildfire impacted source water quality and treatability in the Cache la Poudre watershed through monitoring and a lab-based leaching study poster
2014 Kenney
Empowering Municipal Water Utilities to Pursue Aggressive Conservation Programs talk
2014 Knowles
The relative contributions of alpine and subalpine ecosystems to the water balance of a headwater catchment talk
2014 Korak
Fluorescence Spectroscopy as an Indicator for Cyanobacteria Organic Matter Release by Oxidation Processes talk
2014 Meyer
Characterizing fire impacted dissolved organic matter (DOM) before and after coagulation treatment poster
2014 Miller
Low temperature H2 production and habitability of serpentine aquifers talk
2014 Murphy
Temporal and spatial controls on post-wildfire water quality in the Colorado Front Range talk
2014 Neubecker
A 21st Century paradigm for rivers and water in the West: adding ethics and biology to an engineering solution talk
2014 Nossokoff
Enlargement of englacial conduits in cold ice – verification of basic theory against simple experiments, and some new insights talk
2014 Osborn
Water Quality and Natural Gas Production: A Tale of Two Shales talk
2014 Piscopo
Multi-Objective Optimization of Engineered Injection and Extraction to Enhance In Situ Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater talk
2014 Poulin
Mercury transformation and release dynamics under saturation conditions in contaminated riparian soils poster
2014 Prairie
Facilitating water supply and demand planning efforts in the Colorado River Basin talk
2014 Raleigh
Spatial and interannual variability of snow interception in coniferous forest canopies poster
2014 Rue
Increasing ARD and rare earth metal concentrations in an alpine watershed poster
2014 Ryan
Fate and Transport of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Organic Compounds talk
2014 Sack
An isotopic perspective on water and carbon sources in complex geochemical settings of the Appalachians talk
2014 Schneider
Combining remotely-sensed snow water equivalent with in-situ measurements to produce a real-time SWE product poster
2014 Shoaei
The Importance Of Instantaneous Flow Structures To Total Mixing And Reaction Of Gamete Filaments In Broadcast Spawning talk
2014 Sommers
Temperature and velocity profiles inferred by thermal flowline modeling for high elevation regions of the Greenland Ice Sheet talk
2014 Stamper
Drier Soils in a Warming World? Examining the Relationship Between Soil-Water Stress and Snow Persistence in the Mountain West poster
2014 Utz
The National Ecological Observatory Network: An update on construction progress and introduction to the STReams Experimental Observatory Network (STREON) talk
2014 Wilson
Using hydrochemistry data to constrain the role of snow and ice meltwater in the hydrology of Langtang Valley, Nepal talk
2014 Yilma
Nile Hydrology and Ethiopian Dams, Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as a case study talk
2013 Anderson
The effects of interannual climate variability on paleoclimate estimates derived from glacial moraines talk
2013 Broman
Climatic Variability of the West African Monsoon and its Influence on Meningococcal Meningitis Susceptibility poster
2013 Callihan
Robust Decision Strategies for Climate Change Assessment poster
2013 Cody
Climate Change, Growth, and Regional Integration: Lessons for Municipal and Industrial Water Providers poster
2013 Daugherty
Application of Stochastic Weather Generator based Seasonal Ensemble Streamflow Forecasts to Water Resources Management poster
2013 Dehart
Fate and Transport of 8 Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Organic Compounds talk
2013 Duren
Wetland Photochemistry as a Major Control on the Transport of Metals in an Acid Mine Drainage Impacted Watershed talk
2013 Ebel
Wildfire and hillslope aspect impacts on subsurface hydrologic response poster
2013 Ebert
Modeling microbial contributions to dissolved organic matter using parallel factor analysis talk
2013 Erkyihun
Modeling Large Scale Climate Indicators Using Wavelet-based Time Series Method poster
2013 Evans
Sensing Vegetation Growth and Senescence with Reflected GPS Signals poster
2013 Fitch
Hydraulic Fracturing Water Usage: Activist Perceptions and the Controversial Technique talk
2013 Goodman
The Aquatic Program at the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) talk
2013 Higgins
Land subsidence at aquaculture facilities in the Yellow River Delta, China talk
2013 Huda
Modeling the Effects of Bed Topography on Fluvial Erosion by Saltating Bed Load poster
2013 Hudson
Estimating Freshwater Discharge from the Greenland Ice Sheet with MODIS talk
2013 Kohler
Hydrologic controls on microbial mat communities in the McMurdo Dry Valley streams of Antarctica talk
2013 Lackey
Varying Stream Channel Conductance and its Effects on Stream Depletion Estimations talk
2013 Larbkich
Introduction Of Solute Age To Assess Aquifer Vulnerability And Direct Simulation Of Mean Groundwater Age talk
2013 Larsen
Asynchronous Little Ice Age glacier fluctuations in Iceland and Europe linked to subpolar North Atlantic circulation talk
2013 Macpherson
Enthalpy-Based Models for Ice Sheets and Improving Understanding of Cryo-Hydrologic Warming talk
2013 Mendoza
Towards a better understanding of hydrologic sensitivity to climate change: impact of hydrologic model choices talk
2013 Mizukami
Impact of different large-scale hydrologic model forcing data on hydrologic simulations over mountainous regions talk
2013 Neupauer
An Adjoint Approach to Estimating Stream Depletion poster
2013 Piscopo
Many-Objective Design of Engineered Injection and Extraction Sequences to Optimize In Situ Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater talk
2013 Reitman
3D modeling of groundwater flow and solute transport in a watershed underlain by salt deposits in southeast Utah poster
2013 Schneider
A regression-based approach for blending remotely sensed and in-situ snow water equivalent estimates in the Colorado River Basin poster
2013 Semborski
Small Scale Spatial Variations Within the Snowpack on Niwot Ridge, Long Term Ecological Research Site poster
2013 Townsend
Correlating the spectroscopic properties of organic matter to the photochemical formation of hydroxyl radical in natural waters poster
2013 Traylor
Optimal Initial Configuration of Treatment Solution for In Situ Remediation with Engineered Injection and Extraction in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Aquifers poster
2013 Yanto
Investigating Enso Signal in Ciliwung Streamflow Variability, Jakarta, Indonesia poster
2012 Adams
Hill Tunneling Optimization: Applications to Optimal Channel Networks poster
2012 Byers
Resolving Summer Precipitation Flowpaths in a Subalpine Lodgepole Pine Forest talk
2012 Coate
Spatial and Temporal Variation of SWE in an Upper Montane Forest Catchment in the Front Range of Colorado poster
2012 Dehart
Modeling Fate and Transport of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Organic Compounds poster
2012 Evans
Acid Mine Drainage poster
2012 Fancher
Greenhouse gas emissions and energy production potential from an oil palm wastewater lagoon in southwest Costa Rica talk
2012 Gabor
*Didymosphenia geminata* blooms in Québec rivers: water chemistry as a key to defining spatial patterns talk
2012 Gill
Anomaly analysis of the 2010 Russian heat wave poster
2012 Goss
Collection and Characterization of Organic and Other Particulate Matter in NADP Wet and Dry Deposition poster
2012 Griebling
Quantifying Stream Depletion due to Groundwater Pumping Using Adjoint Methodology talk
2012 Kawakami
The Role of Obstacle Wakes in Enhancing Gamete Coalescence in Broadcast Spawning poster
2012 Keen
Baked Alaska? A century of climate change in Alaska’s National Parks talk
2012 Khan
Evaluation of the relationship between Dissolved Organic Material (DOM), Chlorophyll-A and Algal Species in Lakes and Drinking Water Reservoirs throughout the State of Colorado poster
2012 Knowles
Energy and surface moisture seasonally limit evaporation and sublimation from snow-free alpine tundra talk
2012 Kraft
2012 Kulha
Investigation of Chaotic Advection in a Groundwater Remediation System poster
2012 Lee
The Effects of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) on Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) poster
2012 Pandey
Simulating Biogeochemical Transport and Flow Processes in Acid Mine Drainage to Optimize Bioremediation poster
2012 Peterson
Effects of forest litter and aeolian dust deposition on snow surface albedo poster
2012 Piscopo
Engineered injection and extraction for enhanced mixing in groundwater to improve in-situ remediation talk
2012 Powell
Soil Carbon Links to Soil Water Cycling in Ecosystems in the Colorado Front Range poster
2012 Rosa
Analysis of Snowpack of Boulder’s Watershed on Niwot Ridge: 2011 versus 2012 poster
2012 Rudolph
Seasonality of vertical structure in radar-observed precipitation over southern Switzerland talk
2012 Seersma
Investigation of the Applicability of an Adapted Data Fusion Technique Combining ERS SAR Radar Data with Optical Imagery for Flood Extent Monitoring talk
2012 Solis
Soil Moisture Monitoring Network Using Multi-Sensor Capacitance Probes in a Thick Vadose Zone Under Riparian Vegetation poster
2012 Spahr
Challenges to the Implementation of Decentralized Water Reuse Technologies in Boulder, Colorado talk
2012 Weingarten
Catalog and Interpretation of Seismically Induced Water Level Fluctuations at Devils Hole, Death Valley National Park, California-Nevada poster
2012 Wickert
Drainage evolution in North America since the Last Glacial Maximum talk
2012 Zeliff
How Evapotranspiration and Deep Percolation Impact the Precipitation-Runoff Response, Aquifer Recharge and Linked Nutrient-Cycling in a High-Elevation Catchment in Colorado poster
2011 Abel
A localized climate and glacier record extending through the Little Ice Age for Lyell and Maclure Glaciers using tree ring analysis poster
2011 Abeysinghe
Numerical Simulation of Engineered Injection and Extraction poster
2011 Anderson
Flood scaling and network geometry - exploring the role of the width function poster
2011 Bracken
Interannual Forecasting of Upper Colorado River Flow poster
2011 Byers
Ecohydrology within the Boulder Creek Watershed: new investigations of water and carbon fluxes poster
2011 Casetllani
Soybeans Grown in Elevated Ozone Show Decreased Evapotranspiration That Could Have Implications on Midwest Climate and Hydrology poster
2011 Cullis
Factors affecting the growth of *Didymosphenia geminata* in New Zealand rivers: Flow, bed disturbance, nutrients, light, and seasonal dynamics. poster
2011 Dittrich
The Effect of Colloid-Facilitated Transport on Cesium and Srontium Transport in Unsaturated Quartz Sand Columns talk
2011 Ebert
The Dynamics of Hydrology and Mercury in Tributaries of a Mercury-Contaminated Lake talk
2011 Fuller
Genetic algorithm optimization of injection and extraction patterns using two wells for in-situ remediation of groundwater poster
2011 Gabor
Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy and PARAFAC Analysis to Characterize the Water-Soluble Organic Matter and Associated Dissolved Organic Matter in a First Order Alpine Catchment talk
2011 Gordon
A Conceptual Model of Water Quantity Impacts from Insect-Induced Tree Death in Coniferous Forests poster
2011 Griebling
Adjoint Based Approach to Quantifying Stream Depletion Due to Aquifer Pumping Using a One-Dimensional Coupled Surface and Groundwater Model talk
2011 Hannon
Longitudinal Profiles, Neotectonics, and Potential Bedload Transport talk
2011 Kim
Evaluating the chemical characteristics and optical properties of atmospheric wet deposition to an alpine lake and snowpack poster
2011 Kohler
Diatom Community Dynamics In A Reactivated Antarctic Dry Valley Stream poster
2011 Kroepsch
Hydrogeologic, Isotopic, and Geochemical Analysis of Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions Along the Fruitland Outcrop: The Backdrop for Coalbed Methane Development in the Northern San Juan Basin talk
2011 Love
Companion structured and unstructured digital elevation model (DEM) development poster
2011 McGlynn
Hydrologic connectivity between landscapes and streams talk
2011 McKenzie
Parasitic and infectious disease responses to changing global nutrient cycles talk
2011 Meromy
Subgrid variability of snow water equivalent at operational snow stations in the Western US poster
2011 Mladenov
Reactive organic carbon: the big unknown in groundwater arsenic mobilization in southeast Asia talk
2011 Moody
A Method of Predicting Peak Discharges for Areas Burned by the Fourmile Canyon Wildfire talk
2011 Mueller
The geomorphology of braided streams in the greater Yellowstone region talk
2011 Murphy
Spatial and temporal variations in stream chemistry after wildfire talk
2011 Musselman
Plot scale snowmelt patterns in a conifer forest: improving physically based model representation of sub-canopy hydrometeorology poster
2011 Neupauer
Quantifying Stream Depletion Due to Aquifer Pumping talk
2011 Perrot
Modeling the effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle on snowmelt rates in a subalpine forest poster
2011 Piscopo
Contrasting Advective Spreading and Dispersive Mixing in Groundwater talk
2011 Pugh
The impact of beetle-induced conifer death on stand-scale canopy snow interception talk
2011 Racoviteanu
HIMALA: Understanding the contribution of glacier and snowmelt in the Himalaya using a spatially-distributed energy balance model and remotely sensed data talk
2011 Rengers
Preliminary Analysis of the effects of Willows on Water Discharge poster
2011 Rudolph
21st century precipitation trend for Swiss river basins talk
2011 SanClements
Compressing the Cotton Glacier Project: Attempting to explain two-years of complex multi-disciplinary research to just about anyone, in less than two minutes. talk
2011 Swanner
The Hard Rock Café: Nutrient and Energy Sources Supporting the Deep Terrestrial Biosphere in Colorado talk
2011 Underhill
Variations in summertime sea ice along the Chukchi Coast since 1849 talk
2011 Underhill
Middle Holocene Natural Variability of Temperature and Salinity in the North Atlantic Ocean, Southwest of Iceland poster
2011 Weingarten
Simulating the Effect of Matrix Diffusion in Fractured Porous Media with Dual Domain Mass Transfer: A Modeling Comparison poster
2011 Wilson
Groundwater and groundwater recharge in mountain hydrology talk
2011 Xing
Impact of climate change and human interference on the evolution of the Ebro Delta, Spain in the last 2000 years talk
2011 Yoshino
Groundwater Flow of a Proposed Uranium In-situ Recovery Mine Site and Surrounding Areas, Weld County, Colorado talk
2011 Zeliff
Isotopic and Hydrochemical Investigations of Snowmelt-Groundwater Interaction in an Alpine Watershed, Colorado Front Range talk
2010 Abdalati
Dramatic Changes in Polar Ice: Are We Waking Sleeping Giants talk
2010 Abel
Retreat of Yosemite’s Small Glaciers and Implications for Downstream Hydrology poster
2010 Aigler
Hydrogeological analysis of a mountainous groundwater system: Fraser River watershed, Grand County, Colorado poster
2010 Alexander
Impact of boot sole type on the transport and survivability of *Didymosphenia geminata* poster
2010 Anderson
Weathering, water, and slope aspect talk
2010 Ball
Hydrological and geoelectrical analysis of groundwater flow near faults poster
2010 Barstow
Rainwater Harvesting: Meeting Water Quantity Needs in Rural Rwanda talk
2010 Blom
Climate Change and its effect on April 1st Snow Water Equivalent at 5 Indian Peaks SNOTEL Sites poster
2010 Caldwell
Application of a GLM Framework to Model Stream Temperature Attributes in the Sacramento River Basin poster
2010 Cochrane
Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on High Altitude Groundwater Resources poster
2010 Cowie
Use of isotopic and geochemical tracers to identify source waters and subsurface residence times within headwater catchments in Boulder Creek Watershed, Colorado talk
2010 Crouch
Climate change and increasing zinc concentrations in a Rocky Mountain acid rock drainage stream poster
2010 Cullis
Determining a removal threshold for Didymosphenia geminata talk
2010 Dairaku
Assessment of dynamical downscaling in Japan talk
2010 Doesken
INVITED KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Understanding our climate through precipitation measurements talk
2010 Dozier
INVITED KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Snowmelt runoff, the fourth paradigm, and the end of stationarity talk
2010 Gabor
Dissolved Organic Matter Within a Section of the Boulder Creek Watershed talk
2010 Hellmuth
INVITED KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Adapting the Water Paradigm to a Changing World talk
2010 Jones
Siple Dome Ice Cores: Implications for West Antarctic Climate and ENSO Events poster
2010 Keen
Thirty years in the Bull's-eye: a climatology of meter-class snow storms in the Front Range foothills talk
2010 Koch
Hydrologic controls on nutrient processing in a sub-arctic stream talk
2010 Langston
The Role of Chemical Weathering in Landscape Evolution poster
2010 Lazar
Potential impacts of climate change for western U.S. ski areas: projections for Aspen and Park City in the 21st century talk
2010 Lowry
Population Growth and Climate Change: Increasing Pressure on the Colorado River poster
2010 McIntyre
The Characterization of Snow Coverage Ablation Patterns in the Subalpine Forest of the Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research C1 site. poster
2010 Molotch
Impacts of vegetation distribution on snow accumulation and snowmelt talk
2010 Mueller
Lithology, sediment supply, and channel adjustments in three northern Rocky Mountain streams talk
2010 Norvell
Metals and Colloid-Associated Metals in the Hyporheic Zone of an Acid Mine Drainage-Contaminated Stream poster
2010 Parman
Elevational Controls on Organic and Inorganic Nutrients in Stream Waters from the Foothills to the Continental Divide, Boulder Creek CZO talk
2010 Petrzelka
Impact of Dust Events on Snow Surface Characteristics and Meltwater Flow Paths at Niwot Ridge, Colorado talk
2010 Pugh
The impact of pine beetle infestation on snowpack accumulation and melt in the headwaters of the Colorado River: results from the 'red phase' of tree death talk
2010 Racoviteanu
Combining remote sensing and isotopic analysis to determine the contribution of snow- and ice-melt to streamflow in the Nepal Himalaya: a multi-scale approach talk
2010 Reche
Generation of colored and fluorescent dissolved organic matter by alpine lake bacteria poster
2010 Rosati
Public Perceptions of Tsunamis and Tsunami Warning Signs in Los Angeles poster
2010 Rudolph
A radar-based climatology of high precipitation events in the European Alps: 2000-2008 poster
2010 SanClements
Search For The Origins Of Dissolved Organic Matter In A Supraglacial Stream On The Cotton Glacier, Antarctica talk
2010 Soltys
Interactions Between Turbulent Mixing and Broadcast Spawning talk
2010 Taylor
Stoichiometric control of organic carbon-nitrate relationships from soils to the sea talk
2010 Williams
Decadal changes in climate and hydrological responses in high elevation catchments, Colorado Front Range talk
2010 Yoshino
Groundwater Flow Simulation of Uranium In-Situ Leach Mining in Northern Colorado talk
2010 Zagona
Water Resources Management under Climate Variability – Overview of CADSWES Projects and Tools talk
2009 Adler
Supraglacial Lake Volumes on the Jakobshavn Isbrae poster
2009 Beggs
Fluorescence and Disinfection Byproducts: Applications in the Drinking Water Field poster
2009 Bell
A shift in diatom species regime due to increased phosphorous associated with the thaw of alpine permafrost talk
2009 Bock
Cartographic Models to Characterize Changes in Fluvial Landscapes poster
2009 Brown
How water in extreme locations helps to control the current climate on Mars talk
2009 Cawley
Fluorescence properties of dissolved organic matter (DOM) produced by a mixotrophic dinoflagellate *Alexandrium fundyense* poster
2009 Cowie
Application of distributed fiber-optic temperature sensing to study surface/groundwater interactions in a mountain catchment poster
2009 Cullis
The Impact of Bed Disturbance on the Growth of the Nuisance Diatom Didymosphenia Geminata in Boulder Creek talk
2009 Detmer
A Snapshot of Water Quality Across Rocky Mountain National Park talk
2009 Di Achille
Global distribution of deltas and implications for an ancient ocean on Mars poster
2009 Dillin
Using Wavelet Analysis to Investigate Statistical Properties in Hydraulic Conductivity Fields and Hydraulic Head Fields poster
2009 Dittrich
Role of Desorption Kinetics and Porous Medium Heterogeneity in Colloid-Facilitated Transport of Cesium and Strontium: Preliminary Results poster
2009 Dorsi
Estimating the Sea Level Contribution of Glaciers in High Mountain Asia using GRACE poster
2009 Dove
Observations and modeling of terrestrial snowpacks to constrain Martian snowpack models talk
2009 Gabor
The Impact of Wildfire on Mobilization and Chemistry of Dissolved Organic Material in the Arctic Tundra talk
2009 Gangopadhyay
Non-parametric Paleo-reconstruction of Lees Ferry Annual Streamflow Ensembles talk
2009 Gasiewski
Airborne Soil Moisture Mapping in Support of Relief Efforts in Texas during Flooding Events of 2007 poster
2009 Gooseff
Hydrology at the Bottom of the World - A Key Influence of Ecosystem Dynamics in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica talk
2009 Gupta
Hydro-Kansas Research Project: Multi-scale Dynamical Understanding of Statistical Scale Invariance in Floods and Riparian Evapotranspiration in River Networks talk
2009 Hansen
Water vapor jets in Enceladus’ plume talk
2009 Hoke
Roaming zones of precipitation on ancient Mars as recorded in valley networks talk
2009 Hynek
Assessing the History of Water on Mars through Global Analysis of Valley Networks talk
2009 Ianniello
Effects of Simulated Flood Disturbances on Didymosphenia Geminata talk
2009 Koch
Linking unsteady flow, hyporheic dynamics and biogeochemistry in a glacial meltwater stream talk
2009 LaGreca
Fine Grain Sediment Transport Over a Coarse Grain Gravel Bed: Flushing The Fines talk
2009 Larsen
A 3ka record of annually resolved climate and ice sheet activity from glacial lake Hvitarvatn, Iceland talk
2009 McGrath
Sediment Plumes in Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland as a proxy for run-off from the Greenland Ice Sheet poster
2009 McIntyre
Results of Operational Near Real-Time Radiometric Soil Moisture Imaging in CLASIC 2007 talk
2009 McKnight
Water availability controls on community structure of an ephemeral meltwater stream ecosystem in the McMurdo Dry Valleys talk
2009 McLaughlin
The effect of nuisance diatom growth on benthic macroinvertebrate communities talk
2009 McLoughlin
Characterization of water chemistry in the presence of Didymosphenia geminata growth in Boulder Creek talk
2009 Mladenov
Global scale climatic and atmospheric influences on the chemical character of dissolved organic matter in alpine and remote lakes talk
2009 Moreira
Identifying Material Property Boundaries From LIDAR Data Using Wavelet Analysis poster
2009 Neupauer
Groundwater Mixing using Pulsed Dipole Injection/Extraction Wells talk
2009 Parman
Inorganic and organic content of dust on snow in the Colorado Front Range, USA poster
2009 Petrzelka
Three-dimensional quantification of meltwater flow through a snowpack using a snow guillotine poster
2009 Phillips
Melt water influence on en-glacial temperature distribution poster
2009 Racoviteanu
Estimating runoff in glacier-covered watersheds in the Nepal Himalaya using area-altitude distributed models talk
2009 Rajagopalan
Water Supply Risk on the Colorado River: Can Management Mitigate? talk
2009 Simone
Chemical Characteristics of Dissolved Humic Substances From Arsenic-Rich Shallow Groundwater in Bangladesh poster
2009 Solis
Evapotranspiration Depletion Of Saltcedar Managed Areas In The New Mexico Arid Environment Along The Rio Grande talk
2009 Soltys
Interactions Between Two Turbulent Passive Scalar Plumes Using A Novel Two-Dye Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence System poster
2009 Stanish
Seasonal changes in benthic diatom community composition in an Antarctic stream related to stream flow talk
2009 Wiese
Mission Architectures for Measuring Hydrology using Satellites poster
2009 Writer
Occurrence, fate, and ecosystem implications of endocrine disrupting compounds in select rivers of Minnesota talk
2008 Atkins
Surface-groundwater interactions and nutrient transport in a subalpine catchment, Front Range, CO talk
2008 Bedford
Effects of Vegetation Related Soil Heterogeneity on Overland Flow and Infiltration talk
2008 Buenning
Modelling the Spatial and Temporal Variations in the Isotopic Composition of Precipitation with Statistical and Dynamical Methods talk
2008 Cawley
The impact of dissolved organic matter (DOM) on the growth of Alexandrium fundyense in laboratory cultures talk
2008 Dillin
Using Wavelet Analysis to Determine Dominant Scales of Hydraulic Conductivity and Head Fields talk
2008 Dombroski
3D Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence For Study Of Plume Structure & Dynamics talk
2008 Frederick
Yukon River: Tributaries Sum to Whole talk
2008 Hill
Hydrochemical Response to Drought Conditions at an Alpine Watershed, Colorado Front Range talk
2008 Mallikamas
Stochastic analysis of the influence of mid-plane curvature on transmissivity of natural fractures talk
2008 McCleskey
Source and Fate of Thermal and Non-Thermal Solutes in the Gibbon River, Yellowstone National Park, USA poster
2008 McCutchan, Jr.
The biogeochemistry of a smelly lake: Little Gaynor Lake, Colorado poster
2008 Miller
Sources of DOM to Alpine Surface Waters: In-Lake vs. Watershed Production poster
2008 Mueller
Hydraulic geometry of streams and rivers in the northern Rocky Mountains of Idaho: correlating channel form and sediment transport dynamics talk
2008 Nanus
Evaluating Regional Patterns in Nitrate Sources to Watersheds in National Parks of the Rocky Mountains using Nitrate Isotopes poster
2008 Nielson
Hydrologic responses of an alpine wetland to changes in climate, Front Range, Colorado talk
2008 Pitlick
Changes in turbulent-stress profiles in response to increasing bed roughness: Implications for sediment transport in high gradient streams talk
2008 Segura
Spatial variations in sediment transport intensity and their effects on benthic organisms in a mountain river, CO. talk
2008 Vogel
INVITED KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - Two talks in one: Hydromorphology – the human/hydrologic footprint and A methodology for a national water census talk
2008 Williams
Save our Snow: Predicting ski conditions and mountain hydrology for the years 2030 and 2100, Rocky Mountains talk
2007 Aiken
INVITED TALK - Challenges in the Study of Mercury-Dissolved Organic Matter Interactions talk
2007 Anderson
INVITED FACULTY TALK - Sliding, water pressure, water chemistry and outburst floods at Kennicott Glacier, Alaska talk
2007 Anthony
Moderation of water-column nutrient concentrations by sediment-water exchange talk
2007 Berlin
Stream Power Modeling of Knickpoints on the Roan Plateau, Western Colorado poster
2007 Brown
CRUMP Water Quality Assessment, Church Rock Area, 2003-2004 talk
2007 Cozzetto
Investigations of Hyporheic Temperature Regimes in Arctic Alaska Streams Using Time Series Analysis Techniques poster
2007 Esposito
Antarctic climate cooling and response of diatoms in glacial meltwater streams poster
2007 Flanagan
Climate Variability and Phytoplankton Community Analysis in an Alpine Lake, Colorado Rocky Mountains Front Range, U.S.A. poster
2007 Hageman
The Role of Electron-Shuttling by Dissolved Humics in the Reduction of Iron Oxide and Release of Bound Arsenic in a Shallow Aquifer in Bangladesh poster
2007 Huynh
The effects of photobleaching on spectroscopic properties of fulvic acids isolated from a tropical wetland, the Okavango Delta, Botswana poster
2007 Koch
Quantifying nitrate uptake in an unsteady, anabranching, Antarctic Stream poster
2007 McCleskey
Storm and Diel Surface-Water Chemistry Variations in the Red River near Questa, New Mexico poster
2007 Miller
Tracing Changes in Carbon Chemistry Caused by an Extreme Mid-Summer Rain Event in a Lake-Stream System in the Colorado Rocky Mountains poster
2007 Pitlick
INVITED FACULTY TALK - Surface-Layer Armoring And Its Effect On Sediment Transport In High-Gradient Channels talk
2007 Ryan
INVITED FACULTY TALK - Colloids, Contaminants, and Surface Chemistry: Effect of Desorption Kinetics on the Facilitated Transport of Cesium and Strontium by Illite Colloids talk
2007 Syvitski
INVITED FACULTY TALK - Global Predictions of River Discharge and Sediment Load under Human Influence talk
2007 Towler
Characterizing and Incorporating Uncertainty in Drinking Water Quality and Treatment talk
2007 Ward
Cosmogenic signatures of glacial erosion and retreat, Front Range and San Juan Mountains, Colorado talk
2007 Watkins
Wavelet Analysis and Filtering to Identify Principal Directions of Permeability Anisotropy talk
2006 Abood
An Evaluation of Wet, Dry, and Total N and S Deposition at 14 National Park Monitoring Sites poster
2006 Anthony
Phosphorus Cycling in Epilimnetic Lake Sediments: Does Diffusive Boundary Layer Thickness Regulate Interfacial P Fluxes poster
2006 Babcock
Groundwater-surface water interactions along a riparian stretch of the Boulder Creek, Boulder, CO poster
2006 Beatty
INVITED FACULTY TALK: Fine-scale soil variability in space and time in eastern deciduous forests of upstate NY talk
2006 Bedford
Spatial patterns of ecohydrologic properties on a hillslope and alluvial fan transect, Sevilleta LTER, New Mexico poster
2006 Buckingham
GIS methodology for quantifying channel change in Las Vegas, Nevada talk
2006 Cawley
Chemical properties of a microbially-derived fulvic acid from a hypereutrophic coastal pond in Antarctica poster
2006 Cronin
INVITED FACULTY TALK - Use of Shields stress regime to reconstruct and forecast river metabolism talk
2006 Dittrich
Role of Desorption Kinetics in Unsaturated Heterogeneous Colloid-Facilitated Transport poster
2006 Esposito
Low Stream Flow Promotes Endemism and Lowers Diversity in Dry Valley Diatoms poster
2006 Flanagan
Alpine Lake Phytoplankton Responses to the 2002 Drought in Colorado poster
2006 Ge
INVITED FACULTY TALK - Earthquake Induced Fluid Flow as Natural Hydrogeologic Tests talk
2006 Gerbig
Mercury Complexation with Dissolved Organic Matter as a Function of Redox Conditions poster
2006 Gochis
INVITED TALK: Hydroclimatology of the North American Monsoon: Bound by terrain but courted by ENSO? talk
2006 Goodrich
INVITED KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Integration of Science and Decision Making for Watershed Management: Reducing the Uncertainty of Key Water Balance Components at the Basin Scale. talk
2006 Gutmann
Inverse Modeling of Soil Hydraulic Properties from Surface Temperature talk
2006 Hartford
Numerical Simulations Of Vortex Stirring Associated With Fertilization Efficiency In Marine Invertebrates talk
2006 Hill
Daily patterns in streamwater chemistry and isotopic content of a headwater stream during snowmelt poster
2006 Hoalst Pullen
A Comparison of Hydrological Flowpaths and Nutrient Export in Three Small Tropical Forest Catchments talk
2006 Hornberger
INVITED KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Hydrological processes inferred from geochemical data -- or vice-versa? talk
2006 Jacobson
The influence of vegetation on the soil moisture profile in two sub-alpine ecosystems of the southwestern United States poster
2006 Koch
Modeling nitrate uptake via a tracer injected into a bacteria-dominated, polar desert stream poster
2006 Kurc
Simple hydroecological models: is root zone average soil moisture an adequate driver in the functions for evapotranspiration and assimilation? talk
2006 Larsen
The Everglades Ridge and Slough Landscape: A Linear Combination Between Boreal Bogs and Anabranching Rivers? poster
2006 Lee
Different Effects of the Heat Sources of Surrounding Oceans on the East Asian Summer Monsoons (EASM) talk
2006 Logan
Interactions between vegetation expansion and flow dynamics on the Colorado River, CO, USA poster
2006 Mallikamas
Theoretical and Computational studies of Hydraulic Anisotropy in Shear Fractures with Self-Affine Surfaces poster
2006 Mantilla
Testing the Effects of Runoff Dynamics and Network Structure on Scaling of Peak Flows in Real River Networks talk
2006 McCleskey
Preservation Of Water Samples For Arsenic(Iii/V)Determinations: An Evaluation Of The Literature And New Analytical Results poster
2006 Miller
Hyporheic exchange and humic redox reactions in an alpine stream/wetland ecosystem, Colorado Front Range poster
2006 Molotch
INVITED TALK: Reconstructing snow water equivalent in the Rio Grande headwaters using remotely sensed snow cover data and a spatially distributed snowmelt model talk
2006 Montandon
The Impact of soil reflectance on the Quantification of the Green Vegetation Fraction poster
2006 Nanus
Regional Assessment of Lake Sensitivity to Acidification from Atmospheric Deposition of Pollutants in Five National Parks of the Rocky Mountains poster
2006 Neupauer
INVITED FACULTY TALK - Applications of Wavelet Analysis in Hydrology talk
2006 Nordstrom
INVITED TALK: From Research To Remediation: Some Applications Of Hydrogeochemical Research To Mine Site Remediation talk
2006 Pontius
Hydrologic Science vs. Regulatory Policy: USEPA’s Watershed Control Requirements for Cryptosporidium talk
2006 Regonda
A Multi-model Ensemble Forecast Framework: Application to Spring Seasonal Flows in the Gunnison River Basin talk
2006 Regonda
Local polynomial method for ensemble forecast of time series poster
2006 Robertson
Numerical simulation of tectonic strain and water level at a desert fault system poster
2006 Thul
Morphology and Potential Retreat Processes of East Fork Falls, Roan Plateau, Colorado poster
2006 Ward
Retreat rates and controls on the form of hard-capped cliffs in plateau country poster
2006 Williams
INVITED FACULTY TALK - The “Teflon Basin” Myth Debunked: Most Snowmelt Runoff Is “Old” Water And Not “New” Water talk
2006 Wynne
Assessing the Effects of Streamflow Changes and Local Shear Stress Variations on the New Zealand Mud Snail in Boulder Creek, Colorado poster
2006 Yanites
Longitudinal stream profile analysis in Taiwan poster

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