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Aikins Seeded and Natural Orographic Wintertime Clouds: The Idaho Experiment (SNOWIE) poster
Anderson High-intensity rain storm connects hillslopes to channels in a steep semi-arid catchment poster
Barnhart Disentangling the importance of snowmelt rate, timing, and amount on runoff production talk
Baron Scaling nitrogen effects and management issues from small watersheds to the globe: towards an international nitrogen management system talk
Belanger Engineering and the Environment: Informing and Influencing Policies and Projects talk
Bergstrom Annual and interannual variability of albedo on glaciers and ice-covered lakes of the Taylor Valley, Antarctica poster
Bertholet Snow Bedform Growth as a Function of Wind Speed and Snow Age poster
Birch Land use effects on major ion biogeochemistry and hydrologic flowpaths in the Panama Canal Watershed poster
Bowman Linking soil organic matter composition to physical and geochemical properties in soil; Understanding implications for organic matter transport poster
Brown The Influence of Wastewater Injection Wells on Induced Seismicity in the Denver Basin Combined Disposal Zone, Weld County, Northeast Colorado talk
Bush Assessing the impact of land-use on runoff generation within the Panama Canal Watershed poster
Carbone Generating a global soil evaporation dataset using SMAP soil moisture data and the surface water balance talk
Carroll Dynamics of solute transport and rare earth element response in acid mine drainage impacted alpine rivers. talk
Straight Castendyk Aerial Drones Used to Sample Pit Water Reduce Monitoring Costs and Improve Safety talk
Castle The Colorado River - Where Scarcity Sparks Collaboration talk
Cawley The National Ecological Observatory Network Aquatic Sampling: Dissolved Gas Concentrations, Stratification Conditions in Lakes, and Reaeration Rates in Streams talk
Cody Institutional Adaptation, User-Governed Irrigation Systems, and Climate Change: San Luis Valley of Colorado poster
Eklund Implementing Colorado's Water Plan talk
Estep Comparison of water markets in multiple countries and the potential for multi-objective optimization in the Chilean Elqui Valley talk
Evans Potential shifts in the seasonality of groundwater discharge as snowmelt-dominated watersheds warm talk
Greene Remediation of Uranium-Contaminated Groundwater using Engineered Injection and Extraction talk
Harmon Connecting Evapotranspiration and Groundwater Fluxes in the Critical Zone poster
Heldmyer Simulation of current and projected montane snowpacks for the preservation of the wolverine in the western U.S. poster
Jennings Cold content and snowmelt dynamics in the alpine and subalpine, Niwot Ridge, Colorado, USA talk
Kasprzyk Improving the holistic calibration of simulated hydrologic processes using multiple objectives talk
Kremen Groundwater use optimization in the Ogallala Aquifer Region to sustain food production systems, rural communities and ecosystem services: Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture Project overview talk
Lackey Surface Casing Pressure as an Indicator of Well Integrity Loss and Stray Gas Migration in the Wattenberg Field, Colorado talk
Larsen Unraveling complexity from two directions: Hydroecological systems seen through the lenses of modeling and data talk
Lauria How do stable carbon isotope values of vegetation and bulk soil organic matter record drought conditions in the shortgrass prairie ecosystem of southwestern Kansas, USA? poster
Olivier The Effects of Climate Change on an Alpine Lake System: A Mesocosm Experiment poster
Rajaram A reflection on the first 50 years of Water Resources Research talk
Raleigh What is the dominant source of uncertainty when mapping basin-wide SWE with airborne Lidar and a snow model? talk
Reising A mechanistic approach to designing active spreading injection and extraction sequences for in situ remediation of contaminated groundwater talk
Rush Modeling the surface energy balance on montane hill slopes talk
Sayedi Impact of Climate Change and Land Use on Hydrological Ecosystem Services in the Zayanderood Watershed in Iran poster
Singley Characterizing the role of hyporheic exchange processes in transient electrical conductivity-discharge relationships over multiple timescales talk
Smith Connecting water managers, Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms, and Multivariate Regression Trees to support water utility planning on the Front Range talk
Strack Application of Elementary Solutions in Groundwater Modeling talk
Torrens Temporal Signatures of Hyporheic Exchange and Stream Metabolism in Glacial Meltwater Streams, Antarctica poster
Tyree Improving diatom enumeration methods for use in predictive bioassessment models poster
Udall The Collision of 19th Century Water Law, 20th Century Water Infrastructure and 21st Century Climate Change: Navigating the New Realities talk
Vernon Multi-objective optimization using water treatment plant simulation model for wildfire conditions poster
Webb Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Assess the Variability of Snow Water Equivalent and Melt in a Mixed Canopy Forest, Northern Colorado talk
Wilson Increased stream temperature in response to extreme precipitation events poster
Zhang Streamflow simulations under future climate scenarios in the Boulder Creek Watershed, Colorado talk

*The presentation type (talk vs poster) is what the authors have requested. If the schedule is too full, some folks will be asked to change their talks to posters by the organizing committee. Authors will be notified ASAP.


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